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Tammie M. is a 6 Year Career IRS Agent and 5 Year Career Government Forensic Accountant with professional experience most can only dream about.  With Tammie's experience within the IRS, she can offer insight in the field of taxation with a perspective directly from the Agency. 6 years as a Field Agent in the Small Business/Self Employed Sector, Tammie has been granted experience that has allowed her to assist Taxpayers while having a concrete understating of the IRS's demands. A normal day in Tammie's Forensic Accounting position is a real life scene from Law and Order. The complexity and diversity of cases worked on directly by Tammie, much like the IRS, provide her with an understanding of the field on a much deeper than what you see on TV. Tammie can educate as well as entertain a crowd with stories of her journey from college through her professional career.

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